The Event




Through the staging of the World Literacy Summit, our vision is to meet the following objectives:


  • Bring together leaders from around the world in the fields of  literacy and development
  • Address the key literacy issues facing both the developing and developed worlds
  • Raise the issue of literacy on the world media stage
  • Create a unique opportunity for delegates to build a practical collaborative approach to support the 796 million people who are illiterate
  • Form an action plan –‘A Conference Declaration’- to build long term, sustainable solutions to improve literacy rates amongst the world’s most disadvantaged, and help them move from a world of poverty to literacy to a future


Profile of potential delegates


Delegates attending the World Literacy Summit will consist of individuals from the following categories:


  • Heads of State
  • Ministers for Education
  • Presidents, CEOs and leaders of literacy and development organisations and NGOs
  • Literacy practitioners and experts
  • Academics and educators
  • Business leaders engaged in the cause of literacy
  • Youth representatives and leaders of tomorrow, active in literacy and development issues


Why you should attend


The World Literacy Summit will be the first event of its kind. It will offer you the chance:


  • To meet, collaborate and share ideas with some of the world’s most prominent  figures and experts in the fields of literacy, aid, academia and government
  • To share your ideas and thoughts on specific themes relating to the issue of world literacy
  • To play a vital role in directly improving the lives of some of the world’s most needy
  • To contribute to the formation of an action plan to improve world literacy in both the developed and developing worlds
  • To put on record your support for change and assist 770 million people worldwide develop literacy skills
  • To become a partner in providing us with our best chance of exploring and developing the most effective solutions


Where you can get funding


Guests can use a short term personal loan as an affordable option to cover the costs of attending the World Literacy Summit. This financing offers you money to pay for:


  • Registration fees
  • Presentation and academic materials
  • Lunches with the Delegates
  • Travel costs including plane tickets, hotel reservations, and food


What will be achieved


Through the theme of “From poverty, to literacy, to a future”, the World Literacy Summit will be the start of many great initiatives and accomplishments. It will:


  • Address the key literacy issues that face both the developed and the developing world
  • Give the deserved attention to those people from remote areas, from urban areas, and all areas of the globe, who need assistance
  • Inspire, collaborate and demonstrate the potential each of us have to shape the future
  • Enable us to learn from others through a wide range of key note addresses, presentations and break out groups
  • Increase in the impact of our work, achieved by working  with and through others
The Event

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