25 August, 2011


A message from Pearson International CEO John Fallon


At Pearson we take learning personally. We believe education is for everyone, and we provide the tools for people to learn: whatever their age, wherever they are, in whatever fashion they choose. We want to help people get on in their lives through learning.

That’s why we fully support the goal that everyone should have the chance to receive a decent education. We are delighted to be partnering with the World Literacy Summit – we believe it is the perfect opportunity for us to raise awareness of international literacy challenges and focus on solutions by bringing people from all sectors together in Oxford in April 2012.


At Pearson, supporting development through education is extremely important for our organisation. Our business is learning, and we constantly strive to make a difference. We have signed up as a partner to the Global Compact on Learning, focussing on measureable learning outcomes in areas such as literacy, to ensure that the world will not only meet the Millennium Development Goal on education, but go much, much further.


Through partnering with the World Literacy Summit we hope to create long-term, sustainable solutions to increase literacy rates, and subsequently facilitate growth and development. Improved literacy can benefit individuals and transform communities, making a difference to people around the world and giving them a brighter future.


John Fallon
Chief Executive, Pearson International




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