12 March, 2012


Building plans to eradicate illiteracy                                    
RE: Upcoming World Literacy Summit at Oxford, United Kingdom.


The World Literacy Foundation announced today that a Global Literacy Summit will be a key platform to build collective global action to eradicate illiteracy in our society. 

The event will host more than 300 delegates from more than 80 countries in the developed and developing world. They include world leaders from governments, 60 Ambassadors, leaders of literacy, education and development organisations, and business leaders who support the cause of literacy.

Andrew Kay, CEO of the World Literacy Foundation says illiteracy has major social and economic consequences on a person’s life. Whether you live in England, United States, India or Kenya, illiteracy is ruining lives and is linked with an array of poor life outcomes. The inability to read and write can be directly linked to poverty, unemployment, social exclusion, crime and long term illness. It is estimated that 796 million people in the world are technically illiterate, and many more struggle to read and write to a satisfactory level.

Mr Kay says illiteracy needs to be treated as if it is a disease which we are aiming to eradicate. We need to understand that early intervention can avert a life time of hardship, poverty and pain for a child, young person or adult who is struggling to read or write.

  • 796 million people, or one in five adults, lack basic literacy skills
  • 141 million primary and secondary school age children are not in school


The key media events at the Summit include;

  • Release of new research highlighting the social and financial cost of illiteracy of 80 different on March 27
  • Opening Ceremony at the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford University , April 2 @ 9am
  • Release of the “Oxford Declaration” April 4@ 2pm (post conference call to action)


I would be delighted if you can provide media coverage of this global event with your own local angle.

For more information about the Summit, visit www.worldliteracy2012.org

Please let us know if you would like to receive media updates and information by contacting andrew.kay@worldliteracyfoundation.org

I look forward to speaking with you at the Summit.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Kay
CEO World Literacy Foundation

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